About Me

Hello There.

IMG_1519I am Mary B, a 30-year-old art historian, artist, and creative with a desire to discover. I have a Masters of Art History- Museum and Curatorial studies.
Prior BA degree in Art History and 2D Studio Art.
Available for hire as of 2020.

My love for history, travel, and the visual arts arose due to my chronic autoimmune disease in my early childhood. Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis prohibited much frequent physical activity. This restriction led me to explore places that I couldn’t go through books, movies, and museums, as well as motivated me to become someone that would not let my disease stop me from learning and exploring. During my time at undergrad, I was able to achieve one of my life goals, which was to travel and study abroad in one of the ancient art centers, Greece! Fulfilling a lifelong purpose so early fueled me on and helped me create an enforced and positive mindset that I can achieve whatever I set as a future goal!

Since then, I have had the itch to travel the world, studying archaeological finds and museum relics up close. Now I possess a MA in Art History and come equipped with a mixed toolset of diverse work and leadership skills, which aids in my confidence towards real-world experience. Combining these life experiences, I have become a passionate, outgoing, and empathetic person with the ability to help instruct others to aim high regardless of any hurdles in their way.

Additionally, if I continue to pursue art history, and I have a love of art, why not combine the passion for both? I affirm that it is a lost aspect for many art historians that their range of knowledge is not from experiencing the creation of a piece of work within that medium, but rather what has been researched prior. A person can talk all day about techniques in a reciting from memorization, but only when you have true insight and knowledge of the struggle of a particular medium, the real effort it takes to produce a work, let alone a masterpiece is when you can truly gain a deeper knowledge and familiarity with the artist and the piece, bridging the gap between centuries of change. This is vital to how I want to frame my work as an artist and an art historian, to delve into the disconnect between the two careers that goes under-recognized.

My current interests in both contemporary and art historical curation, art conservation, as well as combining practicing fine art knowledge with art historical theory, merge into my writing practice. My research interests vary from 19th-century American sculpture and gender politics to bronze age china and women in the afterlife. The diverse and opportune topics available at the University of Wisconsin Stevens Point and the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee will forever enrich my informed knowledge of the world and to think outside the box in terms of what is truly possible.