About Me

Hello There.

I am Mary Blum, a 27-year-old with a BA in Art History and 2D Art. I am now pursuing my Masters at UWM in Art History specializing in Museum and Curatorial Studies

My love for history, travel, and the visual arts was formed due to Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis in my early childhood which prohibited too much normal physical activity. This lead me to explore places that I couldn’t go through books, movies, and museums as well as motivated me to become someone that would not let my disease stop me from learning and exploring. During my undergrad, I was able to achieve one of my life goals, which was to travel and study abroad in one of the ancient art centers, Greece! Achieving a lifelong goal so early fueled me on and helped me create a strong and positive mind set that I am able to achieve whatever I set as a future goal!
Since then, I have had the itch to travel the world studying archaeological finds and museum relics up close. Now I have graduated with a BA in Art and Art History and I am armed with a mixed toolset of diverse work and leadership skills which aids in my confidence towards real world experience. Combining these life experiences, I have become a passionate, outgoing, and empathetic person with the ability to help instruct others to aim high regardless of any hurdles in your way.