“Oh, you’re an Art History major…good luck with that!”

I am glad another art history major is voicing their thoughts on how art history is not useless. Art is everywhere but without art history and most advances are not recorded. Please give this a good read!

Visual Tidbits for the Culturally Curious

If I had a penny for every time I got this line at a party, family gathering, or other social event, I would graduate debt-free with two degrees from my atrociously expensive University.

Art history is a field of study that is simply overlooked these days as esoteric and archaic…essentially elitist and old. Before I embark on my mission to inject a little bit of insight into the blogosphere about what I think is culturally significant, I thought that I should first explain why artistic culture, at all, is important to me, and hopefully, to you.

You do not need to go to a gallery or a museum to see art. It is literally impossible to look around you and not see something that art hasn’t inspired in some way. A few of the more obvious examples: magazine covers and billboards.

Photo: Annie Leibovitz, 2008.

Size zero women grace the covers of magazines like…

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