Im an ENTJ sometimes an ENTP

So I have been trying to get my life into some semblance of order and figure out what I want to do with my life. Since I am a recent graduate I was able to utilize my university’s career services to perform a “career assessment”. Before I could make any appointment they wanted me to complete and print out a Jung Typology Test ,based on Carl Jung and Isabel Meyers-Briggs typological approach to personality. The best part was that it is free! ( here it is if any of you would like to try it and get a look into the inner workings to you that you might not even realize)

I took the test and it said I was an ENTJ ( Extraversion 25% , iNtuition 53% , Thinking 6%, Judging 1%) also coined as ” The Commander” type.

So I go to this meeting today to interpret what this all means, and this wonderful woman trained in career counseling explained that the higher the number the more likely that those will not change throughout my life and they are my natural born tendency, but there is still even greater significance in the lower percentages. For example, my T and my J. The parallel to the Thinking is Feeling (under the preference of Making Decisions) and the parallel for Judging is Perceiving (under the preference of Dealing with the Outer World). Because of the low percentage, it means I have a major tendency to flip between the two depending on the situation, and a majority of the time when this happens causes either inner or outer conflict.

The more we analyzed it and discussed it for clarity really helped me see more of myself than I thought was there. It’s like a light went off in me. I found myself nodding along to her every word when she continued to read the lists of characteristics, possible occupations and even how I would make decisions based off of my type. I found myself thinking that it feels almost like I went to a psychic and got my palm read and my future told, but I reminded myself that these results came to be from years of scientific data and research of human personality.

During that meeting in a tiny sequestered second story office, I became slowly more aware of myself as an individual and that there are talents and skills I take for granted or go unrecognized on a daily basis. Maybe this will help me get a clearer idea of where to look and where to go from here, but it does open my mind that not every career path or career choice directly aligns with your degree in the way you think it does. I have a lot of my life ahead of me to choose what I want to do, and I should remember to get reacquainted with the new me, she is much different than the girl that started college 5 years ago, and many of us don’t take the time to take a step back. Taking a few steps back will help you take leaps and bounds further forward than you have ever gone before.




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