Pike Trickfoot

For those of you that follow me on social media you would have already seen this, but for those that do not I wanted to share with you!

Here’s the finished version with Pike Trickfoot & gold detailing. SHES A MONSTAH
(She is a D&D Gnome Cleric character from Geek&Sundry’s show Critical Role)


Good Days Comic

Good Days Comic

Good Days Comic, India Ink on Comic Board, Graphic Illustration course 2014

This was one of our first assignments for the class and one of the first times seriously trying out a comic format in a traditional media. I had a lot of fun especially drawing the puppy. (But of course I would) One of the most challenging things was trying to depict the public bus transportation and not make it look too detailed.

Skeletal structure on top of anatomy


This was a piece I did in my own time to work out some of my frustrations. I even forgot it and left it unfinished for over a year and picked it back up and finished it within the day. This is one of those pieces that I can continuously come back to and add more and more. It might evolve later in my life but for right now this is where I like it to be.

Below are some of the process images I took while painting this piece ( when I was fully expecting to finish it within the week but that didn’t happen)

Athenian River God


Athenian River God  ( Illissos or Eridanos), West Pediment of Parthenon ( The Eris “contest” of Athena and Poseidon). The Acropolis Museum, Greece, 2014

This was from my Summer Study Abroad in Greece back in 2014. This particular sketch was done at the newly constructed acropolis museum with the pediment plaster copies. It’s a real shame that they weren’t the originals. They would have looked magnificent in that space.