100 Heads, Hands and Feet series

15 Toes

from my book of 100 sketches of heads hands and feet, 2014 Medium: Burnt Sienna Conte and Burnt Umber Conte and Black Charcoal

sandblasted glass and broken bottle


Found/Repurposed Objects Prompt: Exterior: Antique mirror, taped and sandblasted technique to create the knee bone outlines Interior: broken brown bottles, grinded down Representation of Invisible illness/interior pain, more specifically related to injury or RA MaryCreatesArt © 2014

Masterpiece Within a Masterpiece

This prompt was to pick two pieces of work throughout art history from different stylistic periods and combine them successfully in a way that is supposed to make them look effortless. the works that I chose were: Monet's Haystacks - Impressionism and Frantisek Kupka's Large Female Nude- Sub-sect of Cubism The figure is actually entirely …

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