Immunocompromised, Autoimmune diseases, and Adult JRA Remission: What it means for Social Distancing in the time of COVID-19

"If you are in clinical remission for your JRA, does that make you still immunocompromised?" "What do you mean?" I asked. He continued to explain, "as in, are you always immunocompromised because of your autoimmune disease? Or does it just stop forever when you go into remission?" I said that I dont entirely know the answer to that even though I have been living with autoimmune diseases and Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis for my whole life. My assumption was most likely I have some form of immunocompromization. This is typically manifested in the fact that I can get sick easily, more frequent, longer, and usually more difficult to get rid of. Since this question got my critial thinking going, I endeavoured to find an answer in the only way I know how, through research!


Land•scape: Redefining Landscapes in the UWM Art Collection

Land · scape: Redefining Landscapes from the UWM Art Collection explores the subjectivity of landscapes in art through four lenses. The exhibition engages with concepts of the deconstructed landscape, the ephemeral landscape, landscapes and power, and bodies as landscapes. Through these different explorations and their unique experiences in the space, visitors will be challenged to view landscapes in new ways and to view the gallery itself as a landscape.

Good Days Comic

This was one of our first assignments for the class and one of the first times seriously trying out a comic format in a traditional media. I had a lot of fun especially drawing the puppy. (But of course I would) One of the most challenging things was trying to depict the public bus transportation and not make it look too detailed.