Athenian River God


Athenian River God  ( Illissos or Eridanos), West Pediment of Parthenon ( The Eris “contest” of Athena and Poseidon). The Acropolis Museum, Greece, 2014

This was from my Summer Study Abroad in Greece back in 2014. This particular sketch was done at the newly constructed acropolis museum with the pediment plaster copies. It’s a real shame that they weren’t the originals. They would have looked magnificent in that space.

Marble Head of Dionysos



Marble Head of Dionysos, Peribolos of Temple E ( Octavia) 2nd Century AD. Greece 2014 © marycreatesart

This was from my Summer Study Abroad in Greece, one of my sketches of a sculpture in the Corinth museum.


Art History Is Life

Several years ago during my undergraduate I took an additional course to assist in my thought processes and concise writing for the art history courses I was taking at the time. I ran across one of my answers to a prompt we were given and even today I am proud of how clearly I stated how art history encompassed all life and history of the human realm. It’s fascinating to see how much passion and zest I had back then and how I still carry it now, just with more knowledge and years behind this conviction.

Take a peek at what I really feel about art history:

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Im an ENTJ sometimes an ENTP

So I have been trying to get my life into some semblance of order and figure out what I want to do with my life. Since I am a recent graduate I was able to utilize my university’s career services to perform a “career assessment”. Before I could make any appointment they wanted me to complete and print out a Jung Typology Test ,based on Carl Jung and Isabel Meyers-Briggs typological approach to personality. The best part was that it is free! ( here it is if any of you would like to try it and get a look into the inner workings to you that you might not even realize)
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Sample Writing Art History Assesment

[*Written for a Late Imperial Chinese Art Course during my undergraduate studies at UWSP]


When first comparing this horse work to the example given called Fat and Lean Horses, my initial reaction was that this piece was not done Ren Renfa, but in the style of Ren Renfa. Horse painting gained in popularity during the Yuan as another form of painting to escape the Mongol rule and making references to the Tang dynasty. The horse is regarded as a symbol of vitality, vigor, and nobility.  To the Tang rulers, the horse was a symbol of power and prestige. Horses reflected the military might of the Tang Dynasty and were treasured by the imperial elite. Continue reading

Artistic Inspiration in Art History

First and foremost, I am an art historian as well as an artist, and this completely guides my artistic choices that I make and what influences me. I do try to let my work speak for itself but that would not be quite right to completely ignore the influences and the history of pigment and painter that have existed before my work and me. We have already talked at length about artist that influence my current series of work that specifically deal with invisible illnesses, as it is something near and dear to my way of life and upbringing. These artists, such as Vincent van Gogh, Edvard Munch, and even Frieda Kahlo, all struggled with a form of invisible illness throughout their creative periods, and they still made work despite this hindrance. Continue reading

Featured: How to Succeed in Business, Major in Art History

Original article can be found here X written by Stephanie Storey

This article below reflects my opinion on the matter written in the article above of art history in the business place.

It is always refreshing to see positive discussion on the worth of art history in learning and in business practice. I constantly get asked the same question by peers and friends alike and can be the butt of jokes for pursuing a degree in the visual arts and art history. (Because if I wanted an art job I should have stuck to something sensible like Graphic Design because it’s the “safe option” – anyone else hear this before? )

[side note: I pursued graphic design first, it is now a side hobby, and I still use what I’ve learned in my visual databank of information for visual media analysis]

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Moving Apartments in Winter

Currently, I am packing up our belongings as I watch the temperature drop in the northern united states because we decided to move… in the middle of winter. The majority of sensible people tend to choose to move in warmer seasons due to the easy nature of not having to wear head to toe snow gear while hefting your microwave from truck to the inside of your new abode.

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