Land•scape: Redefining Landscapes in the UWM Art Collection

Land · scape: Redefining Landscapes from the UWM Art Collection explores the subjectivity of landscapes in art through four lenses. The exhibition engages with concepts of the deconstructed landscape, the ephemeral landscape, landscapes and power, and bodies as landscapes. Through
these different explorations and their unique experiences in the space, visitors will be challenged to view landscapes in new ways and to view the gallery itself as a landscape.

Opening Reception: Thursday April, 18th from 5-7pm, 2019

Curated by the Graduate students of Museum Studies II

In the beginning area of the exhibition we had created an addition due to the recent fire of Notre Dame as an ode to its legacy with a selection of three prints from the UWM collection. It was deeply emotional for the graduate students and the art history department to witness this level of devastation of our time as it created a call to action both here and around the world showing the value of culture an art for humanity, as well as revalidates our role of importance as a field.

The section I had co-curated with Danielle Patterson was titled Bodies as Landscape which was the fourth and final lens of re-defining landscapes in this exhibition. We had a wide range of notable work from Alexander Calder, Kathe Kollwitz, and Marc Chagall. The section, body as landscape invokes phenomenology theory to place the viewer in the context of texture, body, place, and environment.

We had also produced an audio tour of the exhibition to compliment the theme of landscapes to aid viewer experience.

Lastly you can download a digital copy of our exhibition catalog for free to enjoy.

Good Days Comic

Good Days Comic

Good Days Comic, India Ink on Comic Board, Graphic Illustration course 2014

This was one of our first assignments for the class and one of the first times seriously trying out a comic format in a traditional media. I had a lot of fun especially drawing the puppy. (But of course I would) One of the most challenging things was trying to depict the public bus transportation and not make it look too detailed.

Athenian River God


Athenian River God  ( Illissos or Eridanos), West Pediment of Parthenon ( The Eris “contest” of Athena and Poseidon). The Acropolis Museum, Greece, 2014

This was from my Summer Study Abroad in Greece back in 2014. This particular sketch was done at the newly constructed acropolis museum with the pediment plaster copies. It’s a real shame that they weren’t the originals. They would have looked magnificent in that space.

Featured: Artistic Burnout by Chelsea Kenna

This article was written by Chelsea Kenna on tumblr at

If you have been feeling artistic burnout lately, this is an amazing article to read! It definitely improved my thought process and steps to get over artistic burnout. I am by no means getting over it fast but every little bit helps, as this article wonderfully lays out.

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Weekly Sketch Challenge

I have recently begun a personal challenge to get out of my artistic burnout/block that has been plaguing my art on and off over the last few years, I have started a challenge with a few friends about making a prompt every week that everyone has to sketch, and then we show each other, and if one person doesn’t, hopefully our sketches will inspire them to do one too!

This week’s prompt that I came up with was:

“Something you use in the morning”

If you would like to join in on our weekly sketch challenge, keep coming back every week for a prompt and post your results below!