Pike Trickfoot

For those of you that follow me on social media you would have already seen this, but for those that do not I wanted to share with you!

Here’s the finished version with Pike Trickfoot & gold detailing. SHES A MONSTAH
(She is a D&D Gnome Cleric character from Geek&Sundry’s show Critical Role)


Krita Digital Art App-Free-Review Soon!

Hey to all of my art friends that are short on funds for paid programs to make art with, I have discovered yet another free digital painting program for MAC and PC!
It is called Krita.
It’s open source software for concept artists, digital painters, and illustrators.
I plan on playing around with it for awhile and giving my review,
I want to see what you guys can do after playing with it for awhile!
Have fun!