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  • “Now What”: The Question Every Artist Asks Once in their Life

    “Now What”: The Question Every Artist Asks Once in their Life

    There are a lot of names to call this “now what” stage: art block, depression, a quarter life artist crisis even. All I seemed to have learned from making art is that not one single artist can seem to avoid a period of doubt, depression, and a lack of creation.

  • Athenian River God

    Athenian River God

    This was from my Summer Study Abroad in Greece back in 2014. This particular sketch was done at the newly constructed acropolis museum with the pediment plaster copies. It’s a real shame that they weren’t the originals. They would have looked magnificent in that space.

  • Art History Is Life

    Art History Is Life

    Several years ago during my undergraduate I took an additional course to assist in my thought processes and concise writing for the art history courses I was taking at the time. I ran across one of my answers to a prompt we were given and even today I am proud of how clearly I stated…

  • Sample Writing Art History Assessment

    Sample Writing Art History Assessment

    Horse painting gained in popularity during the Yuan as another form of painting to escape the Mongol rule and making references to the Tang dynasty. The horse is regarded as a symbol of vitality, vigor, and nobility. To the Tang rulers, the horse was a symbol of power and prestige. Horses reflected the military might…